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Edward H. Harte
We seek science-driven solutions for problems facing the Gulf of Mexico to advance its long-term sustainable use and conservation.

HRI is back in full swing as we welcome visitors and groups safely back into our building this fall. In June HRI welcomed over 90 women leaders with Leadership Women Texas to campus to learn about the connections between our Gulf of Mexico environment and the economy. HRI hosted a two-day program that walked the women through the economic and environmental impacts of one popular commercially fished species, the oyster, with guest lectures, science demonstrations, and a great seafood meal. 

HRI has also welcomed visiting scholars, and hosted scientists from Argentina and Mexico this summer to form new international partnerships. Dr. Fausto Firstater, a researcher from Escuela Superior de Ciencias Marinas (UNCo) in northern Patagonia Argentina, and CONICET, the National Scientific and Technical Research Council-Argentina, joined Endowed Chair Dr. Greg Stunz in the Sportfish Center this summer on a Fulbright Fellowship to research artificial reef structures in the Gulf of Mexico, and bring those lessons home to an artificial reef park project that’s currently underway in his home country. 

Dr. Abigail Uribe-Martínez, a GIS and biostatistics professor at the Autonomous University of Carmen located in Campeche, Mexico, came to HRI’s Geospatial Sciences lab to work with Endowed Chair Dr. Jim Gibeaut and Associate Research Scientist Dr. Mark Besonen for three weeks as a part of the institute’s Furgason Fellowship program to build the groundwork for a series of projects that will study coral reefs and coastal habitats in the southern Gulf of Mexico through the analysis of high-resolution imagery. 

We're excited to see where these new partnerships take our research and outreach efforts.

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