Coral Lozada

Coral Lozada, M.S.

Graduate Research Assistant & Crutchfield Fellow
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HRI 310
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Project Title
Livelihoods in Transition Across the Gulf of Mexico: A Three Case Study Approach
Expected Graduation Year
M.S. in Fisheries and Mariculture, Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi. (2016)

Coral Lozada is a Doctoral Candidate in Coastal and Marine System Sciences working under Dr. David Yoskowitz in the Socio-Economics Group. She began the program in the summer of 2016. Her work focuses on understanding the livelihood transitions that communities across the Gulf of Mexico are undergoing. Coral is using a Mixed Methods Research Approach that emphasizes a QUAN+QUAL design through interviews and content analysis of policy documents. The result will help communities in all three countries surrounding the Gulf learn from and help one another in regard to livelihood transitions.

She received her M.S. in Fisheries and Mariculture in May 2016 at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi and participated in the Master’s International Program (MI). The MI Program gave her the unique opportunity to work for 27 months as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Mexico. For 24 of those months she worked with the National Commission of Natural Protected Areas — the Mexican equivalent for the National Parks Service—at a Marine Protected Area and Natural Protected Area called Parque Islas Marietas.

In her down time, Coral enjoys reading, cooking as a form of connecting with her culture, playing Pathfinder, and loving on her dogs. She is always down to discuss books, coffee, and recipes.