Dusty Teague-Sherf

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Dusty Teague-Scherf is a senior at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi finishing her environmental science minor to accommodate her anticipated B.S. in biology with marine concentration. Following her passion and dream to conduct research within marine and aquatic systems, she will be graduating in the Fall of 2021. Dusty has enriched her educational experience by attending the Population and Ecosystem Dynamics Workshop in 2019 at the Hatfield Marine Science Center of Oregon State University. There she learned different field techniques pertaining to marine and freshwater sampling and fell in love with intertidal and stream research. She also learned the process of how the samples are turned into data that is analyzed in analytical programs. There, she was introduced to how research is used in resource management decisions. Recently, she gained her open water SCUBA certification, in hopes to get to the next level of certification.  

Dusty’s future goals are to attain a role within research investigating the interactions between marine systems and freshwater systems. She plans to obtain her M.S. in environmental science in the future.  

She is currently working at HRI with the Chair for HydroEcology, Paul Montagna, Ph.D., on the history of freshwater inflows along the Texas coast. On this project, her duties have been to assist in the synthesis of data by transferring, updating, and correcting data from a printed source into an analyzable format. She has enjoyed learning the skills of synthesizing data and plans to use them in her career path.