Kit Wheat

Graduate Research Assistant
Project Title
A comparison of oyster tongs and oyster dredges to help monitor oyster reefs in the Mission-Aransas estuary
Expected Graduation Year
B.S. Coastal Ecology, College of Coastal Georgia (2017)

Kit is a master's student in Marine Biology working with HRI Chair for Coastal Conservation and Restoration, Dr. Jennifer Pollack. She earned a bachelor's degree in Coastal Ecology from the College of Coastal Georgia in 2017. Kit is also a full time employee with the Coastal Fisheries division of Texas Parks and Wildlife, working with the Aransas Bay ecosystem.

Kit's masters thesis research focuses on comparing the fishing techniques of oyster dredges and oyster tongs in the Mission-Aransas estuary. Kit aspires to be a natural resource specialist with Texas Parks and Wildlife after she finishes her master's degree.