Marissa Dotson, M.S.

Geospatial Analyst II
Research Staff
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HRI 215
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B.S. in Geology, Texas A&M University—Corpus Christi. (2013)
M.S. in Environmental Science, Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi. (2016)

Marissa Dotson completed her MS in Environmental Science under Dr. James Gibeaut, Endowed Chair for Coastal and Marine Geospatial Sciences at HRI. Her thesis project provided an assessment of the effects of relative sea level rise on the habitat distribution of coastal wetlands in the Galveston Bay region of the upper Texas coast. In her current position, Marissa is a geospatial research assistant in Dr. Gibeaut’ s Coastal and Marine Geospatial Lab. Her current work involves modeling wetland conversion due to storm surge and long-term sea level rise on the Texas coast. Her research interests include coastal processes, mapping and modeling of coastal environments using geographic information systems, climate change adaptation, and coastal sustainability.