As a leader in Gulf research, we host a number of conferences, workshops, panels and seminars. Here's what's going on at HRI today.
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Thesis Defense Seminar - Karin I. Trevino

The relationship between functional diversity and secondary production are known to influence ecosystem stability and can be used to measure the functioning of an ecosystem. The research objective is to determine the relationship between secondary production and the connection between functional diversity and species diversity in estuary systems. The goal is to test the hypothesis that there is a positive relationship between functional diversity and secondary benthic productivity among bays within four mid-coastal Texas estuaries: Nueces Estuary, Laguna Madre Estuary, Guadalupe Estuary, and Lavaca-Colorado Estuary.

Thesis Defense Seminar - Lauren M. Rener

Freshwater inflow changes can alter estuarine dynamics such as salinity, nutrients, and some biological communities. The freshwater that flows from inland sources are critical for the survival and production of estuarine organisms on the coast. Identifying the relationship among variables such as river inflow rate, estuarine salinity, various biological responses, and seasonal patterns is needed to determine requirements for developing inflow standards for estuaries.

Colony Island Network Design and Implementation Workshop

The Colony Island Network Design and Implementation tool will be a co-production between the research team and coastal resource managers and other stakeholders, meaning that input is essential to the success of the project. This first hybrid workshop will be an introduction to the CINDI project and team and of the stakeholders.

Workshop: Best Practices for Surveying Nesting Colonial Waterbirds with Drones

In-person workshop designed to provide an overview of best practices for using rotor drones to survey nesting colonial waterbirds. Aimed at professionals responsible for surveying colonial waterbirds, or users of waterbird nesting data collected from a drone. Taught by experienced researchers and practitioners using drones and conducting waterbird surveys.


Wetlands Workshop - Coastal Conservation & Restoration

HRI's Coastal Conservation & Restoration Group will teach participants about how oysters shape conditions in local estuaries, conditions oysters require for survival, as well as the important role that restoration plays in local oyster reef communities. Hands-on labs will include opportunities to learn about water quality, oyster reef community live tank observation, and real oyster dissection.

The Texas Bays and Estuaries Meeting (TBEM)

The purpose of the Texas Bays and Estuaries Meeting is to bring together scientists, students, coastal managers, elected officials, and the interested public to share research relevant to the bay, estuary, and nearshore environments of the Gulf of Mexico. This meeting is a great opportunity for Texas researchers and those with work in Texas coastal systems to share discoveries about its bays and estuaries.